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Specimen 2 Rules

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

1. Everyone visiting site must report to the shop or a member of staff

2. No litter to be left anywhere on site

3. No washing up pots mugs etc. in the bathroom anyone caught will be asked to leave site

4. No use of anything other than the supplied toilet paper.if you have a need to use other paper, please use the porta toilet not the toilet block

5. There is to be no stalking on the complex

6. Gates open at 7am and close at 7pm (summer hours) (winter) 7am - 5:30pm exit fee of £30 for anyone inside the fishery after these times without a night ticket.

7. All fish being photographed must be held over an unhooking mat or cradle at all times - photographs should be taken kneeling down under no circumstances should you hold fish standing up

8. All anglers must have current fishing licence and the appropriate equipment to fish.

9. No under 18 allowed on any specimen lakes or pred without consent All under 18’s must be accompanied.

10. We accept no liability for any persons or property on site. Please take care at all times.

11. All slings and nets must be dry on arrival. All carp anglers must have carp care treatment.

12. All fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible , No Keep nets Retainers or sacking allowed.

13. All hooks to be MicroBarbed or Barbless, no fixed leads or rigs. rigs will be checked by our bailiffs. failing to comply with rig checks will result in removal with no refund. No hooks larger than size 4 allowed.

14. Minimum net of 42inch, Large unhooking matts to be used at all times. 15. No Nuts or unprepared particles to be used unless supplied by ourselves.

16. Maximum of 1 guest per angler, guest fees apply for anyone wishing to stay longer than 30 minutes.

17. All vehicles to be parked on hardstanding unless directed by a member of staff, no driving or parking on grass unless directed to do so. No parking behind swims

18. All bailiffs instructions must be followed at all times, failure to comply will result in removal with no refund.

19. Any person under the influence excessive drink will be reported and removed. We have a no drugs policy on site.

20. Please treat the other anglers with respect and follow the countryside code.

21. All litter to be removed, cleaning fee of £50 for the cabin if litter is left inside.

22. No dogs allowed.

23. If you become snagged (from a fish) you must not pull for a break, please phone a bailiff and we will assist you.

24. No anglers are allowed to use the row boats, only bailiffs may use a boat in the event to free fish.

25. Minimum of 2.75lb test curve rods on the lakes. we advise that a heaver rod is used on the pred lake

26. Fishing only from numbered pegs, you must not be more than 3 meters away from your rods at any time.

27. At no time should rods be left unattended, reel in if leaving your swim. As per the EA regulation that states you must not be no more than 3 meters away at any time

28. We allow the use of bait boats in your swim area

29. Minimum line strength 15lb on spec lake 18lb on pred lake

30. Maximum of two rods.

31. No artificial baits, including zig foam.

32. Zig rigs are only allow if used correctly

33. no lead core to be used (we allow the use of safety leaders and tubing )

34. no trebles to be used on site

35. no float fishing on the spec lakes and pred unless the bailiff gives you permission

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